Beautifaction Covers for Cliff Hanger Dispensers


*NOTE picutre shown is a triple cover.

This is a beautification cover for our Cliff Hanger dispenser. This acrylic cover fits over our gel, lotion and cream pump tops version of the Cliff Hanger Dispenser. Covers fit all Cliff Hanger Dispensers including spray dispensers and do not fit our special Foaming Cliff Hanger dispensers.

Covers are shipped blank with an assortment of generic product names. The assortment includes, Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Shave Cream, Mouthwash and Hand Soap.

If you want us to print your logo on the dispensers, send us via email a high resolution file and we will print it on your beautification cover free of charge. Send logo to


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